Project description
Tennis Prestige is an academic research project founded by Filippo Radicchi, assistant professor in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University.
What is Prestige Score?
Tennis Prestige uses publicly available data about tennis matches to generate a weighted and directed network of contacts among players, and then measure their performance with Prestige Score, a variant of the well known PageRank centrality. For technical details, see the paper Who Is the Best Player Ever? A Complex Network Analysis of the History of Professional Tennis, PLoS ONE 67, e17249 (2011).
Tennis Prestige provides an up-to-date ranking of tennis players, and rankings of previous years. For each player in the database, Tennis Prestige shows a graph representing the evolution of the Prestige Rank of the player along his career, and a network of representative contacts with other players. Tennis Prestige also offers a search engine to easily retrieve players in the database. Tennis Prestige is powered by Django and NetworkX. Visualizations rely on the libraries Google charts and JSNetworkX.
Example of a tennis contact network. This network is composed of the 15 players with highest percentage of wins in Grand Slam tournaments.
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